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Now you can get you favorite Imaginings by J. Alleyn Winchester Books and Merch on Feywild Take a look at this book published by Palmetto Publishing and add it to your collection today. All copies purchased here are Signed!


In the wake of a nuclear war, the Graeco people emerge from Gaea's womb to discover humanity's destruction of the planet. Horrified, they react by stripping countries of power, confining survivors, and overseeing recovery efforts. Looking to the Vatican for leadership and support, the remaining humans grow closer to the Graeco, but the religious leaders are determined to keep the populations segregated. Those in favor of diversity are swiftly punished. But there is a rebellion afoot. A biracial faction emerges and is prepared to fight for their freedoms. With the lingering threat of war in the air, King Zeus V, the Graeco sovereign, is their only supporter, as he has chosen a human wife who has blessed him with a daughter named Artemis. But because of Artemis' mixed race heritage, the Temple of Delphi demands she be treated like the other biracial children. Artemis is forced to flee Castle Olympus and search for answers. While on the run, Artemis finds hope in a Catholic priest but is also sought after by a young resistance leader to enlist her to join their cause. But who is on her side and who is standing in her way? As prophecy unfolds, Artemis must decide whether to fulfill her destiny before the last battle ends it all. Offering a diverse world that lovers of fantasy will readily immerse themselves in, Artemis of Dodekatheon explores the many facets of racial conflict and highlights the consequences of ignoring relevant lessons from the past.

Artemis of the Dodekatheon

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